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Design Heroes


This was our first project in our bookforms class. We had to design a booklet about three of our design heroes. The first one had to be an AIGA Medalist, the second one had to be someone that has been interviewed on a Design Matters podcast, and the third one is a wild card. I chose Herb Lubalin, Jessica Walsh and Bruce Mau. Herb Lubalin was a classic great designer to me. He understood typography so well and I admired that most about him. Jessica Walsh has accomplished so much at such a young age and still remains true to herself which I also admired. Bruce Mau was the wild card designer I chose because I fell in love with his manifesto. It's an interesting philosophy that I strive to follow. Not only do all three of these designers create great work, their outlook on design are also so inspiring to me. 

My initial designs for the booklet are shown below.

Although I was content with the layout I designed, a challenge I had still loomed over my head. Some of the photos I chose had varying resolutions. I needed a way to make the system more cohesive. During portfolio, I decided to apply an effect that would harmonize all of the designer's images together. I was fascinated with the Ben-Day dot and halftone effect used in pop art and comic books. I figured since they were my design heroes it would be appropriate to use those treatments. I also added 3 more designers: Olly Moss, Paul Rand and Alexey Brodovitch. 

I decided to do the brush lettering for each designer's name to add a hand drawn element. 

Gwen Galeza