Gwen Galeza
Gwen Galeza

Onix Men's Skincare


ONix men's skincare


Packaging   |   Identity   |   Class Project

Onix Skincare is a fictional brand that I created in my packaging class. It's one of my favorite projects because I had to create a company from start to finish. As a bit of packaging and skincare junkie, I would always roam the aisles of Target and Sephora to see all the new products and their displays. What I noticed was that most of men's skincare was a spin-off of women's skincare lines, such as Dove, Nivea and Clinique.

I wanted to keep the color palette simple with the main color as an earthy tone teal to establish brand equity. The label serves as an easy guide on when to use the product so there's no second guessing. It is targeted towards millennial men who care enough about skincare, but not too much. They prefer quality products at a reasonable price.